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Classes & Rules - Auto Value Late Model
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A. Chevrolet 350 , Ford 351, Mopar 360: 0.060 overbore permitted. High performance blocks OK.

B. Cast iron blocks only.

C. Must have stock oiling system. No dry sump system.

D. May have straps on main caps. After-market steel caps splayed or straight bolt only.

E. No oversize valve lifter holes.

F. Any steel or cast production crank type with stock stroke.

G. Balancing and Cross-drilling of a crank OK.

H. No knife edge or winged cranks.

I. No billet cranks or rods.

J. Must run stock production type steel rods or sportsman rods. Stock length only.

K. May use after-market 3/8 rod bolts.

L. No interchanging of rods.

M. Any flat top pistons.

N. Any harmonic balancer.

O. Any cast or aluminum intake. No porting or polishing.

P. May use one carburetor spacer (1" maximum) and two standard paper gaskets
(maximum 0.070 inch thick); one gasket between intake to spacer and one gasket between spacer to carburetor.

Q. Any flat tappet camshaft.

R. Stock diameter lifters only.

S. Timing chain and gears only.

T. No gears drives. No belt drives.

U. Stock mount water pump only. No electric fans.

V. Crankshaft weight minimum Chevy-48 lbs., Dodge - 50 lbs., and Ford - 54 lbs. minimum.


A. Chevy OEM cast iron factory new style Chevy phase 2 part # 1013492 casting 
# 140110034.

B. Ford 351 and Mopar 360 OEM factory stock.

C. NLMS spec Aluminum Brodix heads allowed

D. Milling heads accepted.

E. Three-angled job accepted.

F. Maximum intake valve size 2.02. Maximum exhaust valve size 1.60. Ford and Mopar must use stock diameter for engine used. No titanium valves.

G. May use any size valve spring, valve retainers, over size valve stem, lash caps, any steel push rods, screw in studs, guide plates stud girdle, any stud mount rocker arms. (Mopar shaft mount rockers OK.)

H. No porting, polishing, gasket matching, coating on inside of head intake runners.

I. No altered or ground off casting numbers.

J. Casting #351 Vortec Head; 186 Intake runner; and 69 Exhaust runner.

K. National Late Model Series rules apply.


A. 3310 Holly only. Must pass track gauge to be legal.

B. May remove choke butterfly.

C. May drill idle holes in primary butterflies.

D. You may install secondary jet metering plate.

E. May not remove choke horn. No porting or polishing.


1. GM Part # 89958602.

2. GM Part # 88958604.


1. These engines are sealed at the intake manifold, cylinder head, front cover, and oil pan with special twist off bolt heads. Crate engines must not be altered, modified, or change from factory specs.

2. The sealed engines must remain intact and not be tampered with. Any seals that have been removed or tampered with will make the engine illegal and not eligible for competition. The penalty for anyone tampering with seals, modifying any internal engine parts, changing the parts from stock as delivered sealed from the factory will be subject to expulsion from any racing event for the remainder of the season. This can also be reason for a fine or suspension from the track.

3. No changes are allowed to the engine, intake manifold, heads, valve covers, front cover, oil pan, harmonic balancer, or any other part/ or parts on / or in engine.

4. No vacuum pumps.

5. All crate engines must remain stock as they came sealed from the factory. Crate engines must not be altered, modified, or changed from factory specs.

One four-barrell carburetor only of any manufacture.
Engine must be naturally aspirated.
May use one carburetor spacer (1" maximum) and two standard paper gaskets (maximum
0.070 inch thick); one gasket between intake to spacer and one gasket between
Spacer to carburetor.


A. Stock type fuel pump only. No steel.

A. Collector type headers only. No zoomies. Collector cannot be turned down toward track.

B. Must run mufflers


A. Any battery operated. MSD permitted.

B. No magnetos permitted. No crank trigger ignition.


A. Must have stock type with forward and reverse gears.

B. Any automatic transmission OK.

C. Bert or Brinn OK.


A. Any operating clutch.


A. #1 spark plug cannot be more than 6 and 1/2"  inches behind center of ball joint. No tolerance.

B. Ford and Mopar set back for clearance only.

C. Engine must be in centerline of chassis.


A. Any stock type rear-end.

B. Quick change permitted.


A. All bodies must meet UDTRA body rules as outlined in the diagram on the following page.

B. May be made of steel, aluminum, or fiberglass.

C. Windshield screen or bars permitted.

D. No fins or raised lips of any kind permitted.

E. No bump bars of any kind.

F. Crate Late Models are allowed to run a 12 inch spoiler.


A. Wheelbase 103" minimum. 1" tolerance.


A. All cars must meet the safety requirements as outlined in the General Rules section of this book.

A. Wheel width must not exceed 14". Aluminum or steel wheels. Bead lock permitted.

B. Hoosier Spec. D21,  D55 , D70 or Hoosier 2700 tires only.  American Racer 48, 56, and 70 also allowed.

C. Tires are subject to durometer readings at any time and minimum hardness number apply.  See tech director for minimum numbers.


A. 2400 lbs. Deduct 1lb. per lap burn off.  Crate motor deduct 50 lbs.

F. Approved helmet and full fire resistant driver's suit required.

G. All cars must have a minimum 2 lb. Fire Extinquisher mounted inside of car with easy reach of driver.

H. All other General and safety rules contained in 2010 rule book apply.

D. 6-point roll cage required and must be welded to frame rails and all connections must be fully welded. All cages must be a minimum diameter of 1 ½" and minimum. .090 wall thickness. A minimum of 3 horizontal bars is required in the driver's door and a minimum of 2 in the passenger door.


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