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The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designated to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events(or other events) at the Albany Motor Speedway, (AMS) and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events.  These rules shall govern the condition of all events and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have agreed to comply with these rules.

   No express or implied warranty of safety shall result from publication or compliance with these rules.  They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator, or official.

   The race Director shall be empowered to permit minor deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his or her opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements.  No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from such alteration of specifications  any interpretation or diviation of these rules is left to the decision of the officials of AMS.  Their decision is final.


 PRINTED NAME: ______________________________

 CAR NUMBER/CLASS: ___________________________

 DRIVERS SIGNATURE: __________________________

 DATE: ______________________________________


1. Albany Motor Speedway reserves the right to determine the type of racing program, distance of races, method of starting, number of cars to be entered in any event, and/or re-adjust prize money.

2. Prize money may be adjusted in any class that has less than 10 participants.

3. Interpretation of rules and decisions of speedway officials will be final in all causes and not subject to protest.

4. Printed rules an regulations governing car owners and drivers are available at all times. Ignorance of these rules will not be accepted as an excuse of their violation.

5. The signing of all release and registration forms is agreement by drivers, car owners, and crewmembers to abide by these rules.

6. The management reserves the right to refuse entry to any car or person without question.

7. Any driver, car owner, mechanic, or crew member who encourages or takes part in adverse demonstration on the track or surrounding premises before, during, or after a racing event shall be subject to a fine, immediate suspension, and/or all prize money and championship points earned to date will be forfeited.

8. Any driver, car owner, mechanic, or crew member who shall commit assault or threaten to do bodily harm to any speedway official or other person under their orders, shall be barred from competition at A.M.S. and/or subject to prosecution and immediate ejection from premises.

9. The conduct of any driver, car owner, mechanic, or crew member that is unsportsmanlike or detrimental to the continuance of an event, shall be subject to a fine, loss of championship points, immediate ejection from premises, and/or barred from further competition at A.M.S.

10. All persons entering the pit area must sign all track release forms and secure and display official pit pass for each such racing event.

11. Only tow vehicles with racecars attached, and vehicles designated by speedway officials, will be permitted through pit gate. No others allowed. No vehicles in the pit or infield area will be covered by insurance.

12. The driver alone will be held responsible for the conduct and personal appearance of their crewmembers. The driver alone shall be the sole spokesman for their car owner in any and all matters pertaining to the race and must talk with officials in charge.

13. Any car owner or crew member who fails to properly sign all release and registration forms will be disqualified and any prize money and/or championship points earned by driver in that event shall be forfeited.

14. No prize money will be paid without proper tax identification. Prize money earned will be paid ONLY to the driver or authorized representative. Monies must be picked up on race night earned or it will be forfeited.

15. No disorderly conduct will be allowed at the pay-off window. Violators will be subject to suspension, fine, and/or forfeiture of winnings.

16. When a racing event is halted due to adverse weather conditions or other unfavorable circumstances and rain checks are issued, prize money will be paid only to drivers in those events completed prior to postponement.

 17.No one under 16 will be allowed to operate motorized vehicles on AMS property.  This does not include registered competitors.

18. Speedway officials may stop any race if and when they deem track conditions unsafe or unduly hazardous.

19. Race car can be entered and raced in one class only per event.

20. Speedway officials reserve the right to temporarily change racecar number to avoid duplication. All numbers must be registered with A.M.S.

21. Anyone under 18 years of age must have a notarized release of liability statement and written permission from their parents or guardian to be allowed to race.

22. Children must be supervised in the pits at all times. Any child without proper supervision will be escorted to the grandstands or may be asked to leave. This is a safety issue and there will be no exceptions.

23. Any fines, suspensions, and/or protests must be settled with speedway officials before a driver, car owner, or crew member will be allowed to participate in another event at A.M.S.

24. The Race Director will act upon any situation not specifically covered by this rulebook and his decision will be final.

25. Attendance by drivers at all drivers meetings is mandatory. Failure to attend the drivers meeting could result in the loss of right to protest and technical procedural or scoring matter following an event.

26. A.M.S reserves the right to move a driver from one division to another based on type of car and driving performance.

27. NO glass containers or glass beverage bottles can be brought onto the grounds of A.M.S. Drivers are subject to fine and/or suspension if ANY glass containers are found in pit area.

28. ALL cars will help pack or dry track or you will be penalized during qualifying or heat races.

29. No cars will be allowed at A.M.S. without mufflers. ALL cars MUST have Schoenfeld mufflers ( # 112535 ) or other compatible mufflers that has adequate noise reduction and performance features.

30. In the event a muffler (s) falls off a car or has any exhaust failure, this car will be allowed to finish the race, but must make repairs before returning to race track.

 31. No driver can compete without registering name, Social Security number, address, and telephone number with track officials.  By submitting their registration and/or taking part in any action at the AMS, the competitor further agrees that the racing area is in a safe and usable condition and assumes full responsibility for any and all injuries sustained, including death, and property damage any time they are on AMS property or in route to or from such property.

 32. Numbers must be at least 18 inches high and 2 inches wide, clearly visible on both sides of car.  All cars must have a number on roof that is 24 inches high and 2 inches wide.  Number must be placed so that it can be read from scoring tower.  Numbers must be in contrasting colors to background so that scorers can easily read them.

33. Anything on racecar that track officials deem offensive or obscene must be removed.

34. Sunoco Blue or  Purple and pump gas only.  No alcohol, nitirous oxide or any other fuel additive is allowed.

35. A.M.S. reserves the right to change, modify, add or delete any rule deemed necessary to provide  safe or competitive racing.


1. Points will be awarded for each feature event.  Points are driver points and are awarded to driver not the car.  Driver must compete or attempt to compete to earn points. Winner will receive 100 points second place will receive 99 points, third place 98 points and continue through entire field.  Any driver who cannot run feature because of mechanical failure, damage or personal injury occurring earlier at the same event will be awarded 10 points less than last place car running in same class.  Driver must be present at event to receive points.

2. A.M.S. reserves the right to institute a "drop race" format to determine final driver points.  The decision whether or not to use a "drop race" format will be announced at beginning of season and will be in place for entire points season.  Driver does not have to be present at race track to use a drop race, but can not drop any race for which he is suspended,  removed from competition for rules violation or had points deducted for other violations as stated in rulebook.


1. The management assumes no responsibility for detection of irregularity or violation of any rule governing mechanical specifications of racing cars. Inspection and ruling of eligibility of any car will be made upon properly presented protest.

2. A protest shall be brought to the attention of speedway officials in writing by a driver or car owner participating in said race only. Technical and visual protests will be filed with the Chief Technical Inspector. Scoring protests will be brought to the attention of the chief Scorer. Other safety or rule violations will be brought to the attention of the chief Pit Steward or the Race Director.

3. All visual protests shall be made in writing prior to the start of the first heat race for that division or the cars crossing the scales. All visual protests made after the start of a heat race shall be void.

4. Technical protests will be made in writing ten (10) minutes following the completion of a racing event for the class for which protest is made. Only a participant of said race may file a protest. All technical protests must be paid in cash. Any car protested must be ready for inspection within sixty (60) minutes from the time the protest is filed or the car will be disqualified. Drivers found illegal during protest or refusing to tear down will result in disqualification, forfeiture of all prize money, and points won that night, and must start in the rear of the following regular weekly feature.   As designated below, the speedway will receive part of the protest fee regardless of protest outcome and the winner of the protest will receive the remainder.

5. Must finish in top 2 to be eligible to protest. 2nd place may protest 1st place. Reverse protesting is allowed. If counter protest is filed, first place car will tear down first. If 1st place car is found illegal, then counter protest is voided and all protest monies will be refunded. If first place car tears down and is found legal, then second place car must tear down. 3rd place car has five (5) minutes to file protest of 2nd place car.

* Must protest top end to protest bottom end.
* Crate motors can be protested.

Division                                                                                                                                                              Late Model                                                                                                                                                         Top End  $450   Track Retains  $100                                                                                                           Top and Bottom  $900  Track Retains  $200

Limited Sportsman                                                                                                                                          Top End  $400   Track Retains  $100                                                                                                           Top and Bottom  $800   Track Retains  $200

Pure Stock                                                                                                                                                          Top End  $300   Track Retains  $75                                                                                                             Top and Bottom  $600   Track Retains  $150

Enduro  $250   Track Retains  $50                                                                                                               Top and Bottom  $500   Track Retains  $100

Mini Stock                                                                                                                                                           Top End  $200   Track Retains  $50                                                                                                             Top and Bottom  $400   Track Retains $75

Visual Protest $35 - All retained by track

 P&G Motor $35 - Track retains all

Rear-End $150 - Track retains $75

Transmission $150 - Track retains $75

Flywheel $100 - Track retains $50

6. Only one (1) member from each crew is allowed inside fence area. Protested car may have two (2) additional persons to help with teardown. Any misconduct from either team may result in disqualification or forfeiture of protest.

7. Any driver found illegal or refusing to teardown two times in one season will be fined an amount equal to one half the first place prize money for the class in which he is entered.  Driver will forfeit 100 points from his total points for season. Driver will not receive compensation for the teardown or any prize money for that night's event.

8. If deemed necessary, track may require teardown of any car to prove legality.   

9. Scoring protests must be made within ten (10) minutes after the official finish has been posted. Only a participant in said event may file a protest or have the official scoring checked. Scoring protests will only be done in an orderly manner. NO ARGUING! Any disorderly conduct will result in disqualification or suspension.

10. Any car involved in a protest will be impounded in an area designated by track officials and must be remained there unto inspection is complete.



1. Steel roll bars are mandatory and must be approved. Aluminum and other soft materials are not permitted. Front and rear roll bars must be connected at top (cage type) and bottom of both sides at seat height. Side roll bars are mandatory and must extend into door panels, ( minimum of three (3) on left side and two (2) on right side ) with additional support on the back of roll bar. All bars must be welded and not less than 1 ½" O.D. steel tubing. No pipe fittings allowed.

2. A quick release safety belt of no less than three (3) inch wide material is mandatory and must be fastened to roll bars with bolts and not less than 3/8" in diameter. Belts must be dated 2005 or later. Shoulder harness mandatory 3" minimum.

3. Only approved, full face helmets allowed.  Must meet Snell - 2005 specifications.

4. All drivers are required to wear a complete fire resistant drivers' suit. Fire resistant gloves, under garments, and shoes are highly recommended.

5. All cars must be equipped with a fully charged 2 lb. minimum fire extinguisher in good working order and installed within driver reach. On board fire extinguisher systems recommended.

6. Battery must be securely mounted in the trunk area of all cars. No batteries allowed in drivers' compartment.

7. Safety type racing fuel cell with steel outer covers are mandatory in all divisions. All fuel cells must be mounted with at least two 2" x 1/8" steel safety straps that completely surround tank. No gas cans or beer kegs allowed. No fuel cooling devices allowed.  Fuel lines cannot run through driver compartment unless they are enclosed in metal tubing.  Cells must be securely mounted are subject to inspection.

8. Center top of steering post must be padded with at least 2" of soft material.

9. Driver must be able to exit car from either side.

10. Racing type seats required. They must be securely bolted within the roll cage area of the car with 3/8" bolts.

11. No one will be permitted to cross the track at any time unless instructed to do so by a speedway official. Violators will be subject to ejection from pit area.

12. No racecar shall be allowed on the track unless the official starter is in his position and the track is declared officially open.

13. Anytime a car is on the track, the driver of the car must wear approved helmet, safety harness, and fire resistant suit.

14. All cars must have front and rear tow hook or provisions for hooking up to a wrecker. Wrecker crew and speedway officials will not be responsible for damage done to cars without provisions.

15. All weights must be painted white and securely bolted inside or on the frame of the car with 3/8" minimum bolts. All weight is to be marked with car number in paint.  Weight can not be mounted in driver's compartment.  Weight cannot be tie wrapped or duct taped in position.

16. All rollbars close to drivers' head, arms, and legs must be fully padded.

17. Kill switch is required within easy reach of driver.

18. All drive shafts must be painted white.

19. Window nets mandatory for all divisions except Late Model.

 20. Unless car is on fire drivers are to remain inside car at all times while on track unless track safety personnel authorize driver to exit car.  Drivers cannot get out of car to work on, repair or argue while car is on track.

 21.Track officials will only remove loose debris from damaged cars.  Driver must go to pit area for all other work or repairs.  EXCEPTION:  If damage or flat tire is a result of another driver's willful and intentional actions, Race Director , at his discretion, can allow repairs to be made, or flat tire changed without loss of position to the driver who was not at fault.  This is a judgement call based entirely on Race Director's view of events that transpired on track.  His decision is final!

 22. Pit area is congested and slow speeds must be observed at all times.

 23. Any competitor suspected of being impaired either physically or mentally for any reason will be removed by track officials.

24. All cars and drivers are required to meet all safety regulations prior to competition. No exceptions!


25. A.M.S. reserves the right to change, omit, and/or enforce any rules necessary to maintain a safe program.

 25. Any race car using Bert ball spline transmission must use carbon fiber drive shaft.


*Specific flag rules and special situations will be covered at the drivers' meeting. However, the following flag rules are general policy at all times.

1. GREEN - Start the race / Go / Track clear

2. YELLOW - Caution / Slow down / Wreck or danger on the track / No passing /
Do NOT race back to the Start/Finish line on a YELLOW FLAG!

3. RED - EMERGENCY - STOP as quickly as possible on the from of the straight away by the flag stand. Failure to stop on a red flag will result in a lap penalty or disqualification. Cars will again be lined up as they were running on the last green flag lap. Drivers MUST remain in cars. NO WORKING ON CARS!!

4. BLUE / YELLOW - (move over flag) - You are about to be lapped / Move to the inside immediately / Failure to obey the move over flag will result in a one (1) lap penalty.

5. CROSSED FLAGS - Halfway signal

6. BLACK - Consultation flag / Immediately pull to the pit area for consultation. A car receiving a consultation will no longer be scored if it remains on the racetrack for three consecutive laps.

7. WHITE - One lap to go.

8. CHECKERED FLAG - End of race / Reduce speed and pull off the track next lap. Failure to pull off the track after the Checkered flag or stopping for other than mechanical
reasons will result in disqualification. The race winner will immediately pull to the victory lane area.

9. The meaning of the track signal lights will be the same as the flag rules.

10. All flag rules and track signal lights will be obeyed at all times, including during practice. Failure to follow these rules will result in penalties, disqualification, and/or suspension.


1. It will be the drivers' responsibility to be lined up prior to the start of a race. Line-ups will be posted on the tech/tool shed wall. Any car not in proper position when cars pull onto track will start at rear of field.

2. Initial start of the race will be in turn 4. The pole position car (inside car of the first row) sets the pace. On restarts leader can fire anytime after he reaches the middle of turns 3 and 4. No passing until you reach flagstand. On starts and restarts all cars must be lined up nose to tail.

3. Anytime a driver who thinks he has been lined up in an improper position, he is to report it to the pit steward station in an orderly manner, and if an error has been made, it will be corrected.

4. Any driver, car owner, or crewmember that climbs on the flag-stand without being instructed to do so will automatically be suspended for two (2) races.

5. Any problem - pull to the pit entrance. Pit steward will check it out.

6. No repair work will be done on racecars on the track. All repair work must be done in pit area behind pit wall. Drivers and car owners are responsible to insure that their crewmembers remain in the pit area at all times, especially during a race.

7. All cars must enter and exit track at pit steward's station after the race has started.

8. Any driver spinning their tires and/or entering or exiting the pits excessively fast or in an unsafe manner will be subject to a fine and/or suspension.

9. At technical director's discretion top three cars can be subject to technical inspection. Any driver who refuses post race inspection or who leaves scale area after being notified of inspection will not be awarded any points or prize money for that night's event.

10. Any car which causes a yellow flag to be displayed will restart on the rear. Flagman's decision will be final!! This includes initial starts.

11. Any car going to the pits during a yellow flag or red flag will restart on the rear. EXCEPTION: At race director's discretion cars intentionally damaged by another driver will be allowed to reenter race in their position.

12. Any car entering the pit area during a red flag condition before one lap is completed will restart on the rear.

13. Courtesy laps will be given if time permits in feature events only. Courtesy laps are two laps and are for flat tires only.

14. Unless otherwise ordered by technical inspector top three cars will cross scales after each event, heat races and features. Classes that time trial all cars will cross scales upon completion of timed lap(s). Failure to cross the scales as instructed before or after an event will result in disqualification.

15. A.M.S. officials reserve the right to conduct technical and safety inspections of any car prior to, during, or after a racing event to determine their eligibility.

16. Any car in any division is subject to P & G on any race night.

17. To be the official leader of any race, you must have led the last completed green flag lap.

18. A race will be considered complete once the leader is given the checkered flag and crosses the start / finish line. If an incident occurs after the leader has crossed the start/finish line and has been given the checkered flag, the remaining cars will be scored in the order that they cross the start/finish line.

19. Failure to follow the instructions of any track official before, during, or after an event, will result in disqualification, penalties, and/or suspension from the speedway.

20. Should the same winner of weekly feature races in each division win two in a row, that winner will automatically start in the rear of the feature for that division on the following regular weekly event. This does not apply to late model class or to special events.

21. The technical director has absolute authority to determine eligibility of any and all race cars. Any discussion concerning whether or not any car is or is not legal to compete begins and ends with the technical director.

22. Receivers are required in all classes

23. Any class with 8 cars or less will run one (1) heat.

24. Any cars with four (4) cars or less will draw and run feature only with five (5) laps added to the feature.

25. Any class with three (3) or less cars will run for trophies.

26. Any car that spins three (3) times in one race event will be black flagged for that race.

27. After two (2) initial starts fail, the race will be single file start.

28. AMS management reserves the right to fine, ban or suspend any driver, other competitor, pit crew member or any other person on AMS property or take any other action  they deem necessary if that person engages in any conduct or actions that AMS officials deem unsportsmanlike, offensive, or detrimental to any person or to race track.  This includes but is not limited to fighting, profanity, willful acts of destruction or damage to any property or equipment belonging to AMS or others.

29. Drivers are responsible for the conduct and actions of their pit crew, family members or any other person associated with their car.  Drivers are not to stop on race track to argue with track officials or other competitors. 

30. Any driver, pit crew member or other person associated with car that goes into the pit area of another competitor and engages in any unruly or unsportsmanlike conduct will be deemed the aggressor and be subject to arrest, fines, suspension or banishment.  The driver of the aggressor can be fined $1000 and either suspended or banned.  Even though the person entering the pit area of another team is the aggressor any other person from either team that engages in unruly or unsportsmanlike conduct can be fined, suspended or banned.

31. Any conduct which constitutes assault or assault and battery on any track official shall be arrested, fined $1500 and subject to suspension or banishment.

32. All fines shall be paid to AMS prior to any further participation in any event at AMS.  Initial fines for unruly conduct shall be a minimum of $500 and may be raised by track management.

33. Any person arguing with track officials will receive one warning per race and then can be fined as follows, 1st offense after warning - $100. 2nd offense after warning -$200. 3rd offense after warning - removal from track, and suspension. 

34. Any driver black flagged will be removed from track and will  receive no points or prize money for that event.

35. Inappropriate conduct can lead to arrest and prosecution for criminal acts.

36. No person engaging in racing events in any capacity shall make any claim for damages, expenses or otherwise against AMS or its officials.

37. Only tow vehicles and track vehicles will be allowed in pit area.

38. Track officials are not to be approached in an argumentive, threatning or offensive manner to discuss actions that occur during any event at AMS.

39. Drivers are not to allow anyone to ride on his car without permission from track officials.

40. No weapons of any kind are to be on AMS property during any event.

41. All classes except late model will have correct weight for car posted on driver side of car by tech official. Once weight has been posted on car any car crossing scale with weight sticker removed or altered, tech man will assume highest weight possible for that class. If you lose your sticker you must notify tech so that it can be replaced.

42. Any driver who willfully and intentionally hits another competitor at any time whether before, during, or after race, either in pits or on track and either under green, yellow or red flag conditions will be removed from race. He or she will receive no points or money for that race and be subject to fines and/or suspension.

First offense - removal from race, loss of points and prize money for the event.

Second offense - removal from race, loss of all points and money for the event, fine equal to one half first place prize money for class in which aggressor is entered, and 3 race suspension.

Third offense - Banishment from track for 1 year, and fine equal to first place prize money for class in which aggressor is entered.


Heats: 6 laps

Late Model 25 laps
Limited Sportsman 15 laps
Pure Stock 15 laps

Enduro 12 laps

Mini Stock 12 laps




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